Oyster Farmers of Wapengo Lake

Wapengo Lake entrance
Wapengo Lake entrance
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From he air
From he air
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Shane Buckley from Wapengo Rocks
Shane Buckley from Wapengo Rocks
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Peaceful waters
Peaceful waters
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Wapengo Rocks

Shane Buckley

9 Golf Road | Bermagui | NSW | 2546


(02) 6494 0070 | 0408 866 211

email: shane@wapengorocks.com.au




Description: Wapengo Rocks offer the discerning consumer a taste experience that can be described as a unique combination of minerals, salt and delicate creaminess.

The mouth feel lingers long after the oyster is gone. We specialise in wild caught native Rock Oysters from Wapengo Lake, situated on the Far South Coast of NSW and have created the first certified organic Rock Oyster farm.


Available from: Our hand selected multi-award winning oysters are available from:

The Bermagui Oyster Room, as well as being received by individuals and select restaurants in Sydney, Melbourne and regional NSW:

Bluewave Seafoods | Il Passaggio

Sydney NSW:

Baroque Bistro | Le Pelican Bistro | MoVida Sydney | Neighbourhood Bar

The Morrison Oyster Bar

Melbourne VIC:

Anada Bar | Bacash Restaurant | Bomba Bar | MoVida Aqui | MoVida Melbourne

MoVida Next Door

Spiros Bay Oysters

Garth Pigram    
129 Hankinson Road | Wapengo | NSW | 2550


(02) 6494 0145
email: garthpigram@yahoo.com

Description:  Spiros Bay Oysters produce the finest Sydney Rock Oysters in the pristine waters of Wapengo Lake.

We supply unopened oysters to wholesale customers.


Wapengo Shellfish

Michael Jay    
48 Margret Park Road | Brogo | NSW | 2550


(02) 6493 8174  | 0450 223 084    
email: mike@wapengoshellfish.com.au

Wapengo Shellfish produce wild caught, organically grown premium Sydney Rock Oysters in the clean waters of Wapengo Lake. Live Oysters are supplied to the wholesale trade and retail customers.