Oyster Farmers of Merimbula Lake

Aerial view of Merimbula Lake
Aerial view of Merimbula Lake
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Merimbula Lake Boardwalk
Merimbula Lake Boardwalk
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Stirling Oysters


Stirling Cullenward

300 Back Creek Road | Nethercote | NSW | 2549    


(02) 6494 3347 | 0427 609 822

email: stirlingoysters@activ8.net.au


Description: Stirling Oysters supply naturally organic premium fresh Sydney Rock Oysters from the farm in the pristine waters of Merimbula lake.  We supply unopened single seed oysters of various grades than can be tailored to meet your needs.

Quality assurance is paramount in every step of the growing and marketing system ensuring the full experience is all that you expected and more!


We can ship oysters almost anywhere so enquire to see how we can help you.

Stirling Oysters
Black Bull Pastoral Co    


Brett Weingarth    
6 Little Graham Street | Pambula | NSW | 2549    


(02) 6495 6014    0429 453 545    
email: sponge-jode@hotmail.com




Description: Black Bull Pastoral Company farm oysters in both Pambula & Merimbula Lakes.  Brett - also known as "Captain Sponge" also operates oyster tours on Pambula Lake, where you can learn all about oyster farming and the geological aspects of Pambula Lake, as well as shuck & taste oysters at their absolute best - direct from the lake!


Black Bull Pastoral Company supply premium quality un-opened oysters to wholesale customers.

A & M Merimbula Oysters    


Amanda & Michael Fulton     
13 Oregon Street | Pambula | NSW | 2549    


(02) 6495 6539 | 0400 181 384
email : mfulton@live.com.au

Wild Rock Oysters    


Tim Brown    
14 Waratah Street | Tura Beach | NSW | 2548    


(02) 6495 9302 | 0414 646 550    
email: tjbrown@internode.on.net

Description:  Wild Rock Oysters produce Sydney Rock Oysters in the waters of magnificent Merimbula Lake. We are committed the environmentally sustainable farming and quality assurance, supplying premium unopened oysters to wholesale customers and the general public.


Merimbula Gourmet Oysters    


Dominic & Pippa Boyton    
The Oyster Barn | Princes Hwy | Millingandi | NSW | 2549    


(02) 6495 6988 | 0413 240 461    
email: merimbulagourmetoysters@gmail.com


Description: Producers and retailers of Sydney Rock Oysters and Native Flat Oysters.



Sandingroove Oysters


Adrian & Jaclyn Pinkerton    
8 Collins Street | Merimbula | NSW | 2548

0408 952 012        
email: adipinki@hotmail.com

Description: Sandingroove Oysters grow succulent Sydney Rock Oysters in the sapphire coloured waters of Merimbula Lake. We supply quality unopened oysters to wholesale customers and the general public.