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About Wapengo Lake

Located between Narooma and Tathra on the Sapphire Coast, Wapengo Lake is one of the most pristine estuaries in NSW.  Recognised as an estuary warranting significant protection.


Fed by Wapengo Creek and several other smaller creeks, the catchment mostly lies in National Park, so combined with the large tidal exchange, the estuary is in pristine condition, allowing farmers to harvest oysters directly from the lake.


Wapengo Lake supports 8 oyster businesses that sustainably harvested 77,000 dozen oysters last year, valued at over $520,000.


Wapengo Lake Oyster Farmers are working to an estuary-wide EMS to help maintain clean lake waters, for the longterm sustainability of their oyster industry … including the modernisation of growing techniques.


Wapengo is also home to Australia’s first certified organic rock oyster farm.



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