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Benefits of a thriving Oyster Industry - positive impacts of Oyster Farming

Oyster farmers of the Wilderness Coast would like to promote the positive impacts oyster farming has on our estuaries.

Ecologically Sustainable Farming

Filtration Capacity of Oysters

Canaries of the Waterway

Not Just Delicious!

Oyster Farming Monitors our Water Quality

Oyster cultivation is one of the most ecologically sustainable types of farming because, unlike fish farming, oysters do not require artificial food sources.  Oyster growers rely on the natural environment and sunlight to supply the nutrients and food particles to produce the optimum food mix on which oysters thrive.

Oysters gather their food by filtering large volumes of water (20L per oyster per day) from the waterways.  This filtration capacity helps to clean the water by removing particulate matter, enhancing water clarity and promoting seagrass, saltmarsh and mangrove health.

Oysters are the ‘canaries’ of the waterways – if the oysters are healthy, it indicates that the waterways are healthy.

As part of the NSW Quality Assurance Program, oyster farmers are constantly monitoring the quality of the water and their oysters. Their diligence means that any unexpected pollution entering a lake is quickly identified and managed, ensuring the water is clean and safe for fishers, swimmers and other users of the lake, as well as oyster consumers.


Oysters are not only delicious but are also considered to be one of the most  nutritionally balanced foods available: Oysters are 99% fat free, contain less than 0.03% cholesterol and are rich in vitamins, minerals (especially zinc) & Omega 3 fatty acids.

Oyster farmers happily play an important role as stewards of the local environment but the community also needs to play its part to help maintain the health of the catchment and therefore the oyster industry.  It is important to keep in mind that all activities in the catchment can have an impact on other users, in particular your local oyster growers.

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