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About Wonboyn Lake

Wonboyn is the southern-most oyster producing estuary in New South Wales, situated only 25 km from the Victorian border and is one of the most untouched estuaries in NSW.  Wonboyn Lake forms part of a saltwater estuary flowing into Disaster Bay, surrounded by rugged cliffs and clean white sand beaches.


The estuary is fed by the Wonboyn River which flows through Ben Boyd National Park & Nadgee Nature Reserve.  The estuary follows a 10-kilometre course before it flows into the ocean via a narrow channel at Disaster Bay.  Wonboyn Lake is recognised as an estuary warranting significant protection with Nadgee Nature Reserve to the north being granted official wilderness status under the Wilderness Protection Act.


Oysters have been farmed in Wonboyn Lake since the 1900’s.  Today 8 farmers cultivate 51 hectares of lease area and sustainably harvest 79,000 dozen oysters, valued at $500,000.


The large tidal exchange of ocean waters keeps the estuary in good condition, allowing farmers to harvest oysters from the lake for direct sale.


Wonyboyn Lake oyster farmers are currently working on an EMS (environmental management system) to preserve the lake & water quality for future generations.



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